Body Back Transformation 8 Week Session

If you are ready to get serious about seeing results, sign up for this fitness program. Your goals could include weight loss, toning, self-care, mindfulness, healthy eating, nutritional or lifestyle changes. Your coach will help you care for your mind, body, and spirit as you improve your overall health and well-being. Your 8-week program includes two high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts a week that are designed to challenge, empower, and recharge you. HIIT workouts are proven to burn more calories and increase your metabolic rate. This fitness program also includes nutritional coaching, supplemental online workouts, accountability, support, before and after comparisons. Change is 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. We'll teach you how to fuel your body best for you. This journey will connect you with your inner strength and encourage you to discover your true potential.

What's included?

Two High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts Per Week
Nutrition Coaching and Food Journaling
Meal Planning and Recipes
Before/After Photos, Fitness Assessments, and Measurements
Accountability and Support
Supplemental Online Workouts
Camaraderie, Fun, and Friendships

Why should I sign up?

Women sign up for a variety of reasons from weight loss, toning, strength training, or other fitness goals. Beyond physical results, women find this program benefits their mental health and emotional well-being. This program is open to ALL women; you do not have to be a mother!

Our next sessions begin in March!
Join us:

-Mondays and Thursdays at 5:45AM at The Academy for Performing Arts in Apex- March 11th- May 2nd


-Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30PM at Fit Inspired Living in Cary- March 12th- May 2nd

Monday – February 25, 2019

Body Back Transformation 8 Week Session

Thursday – February 28, 2019

Body Back Transformation 8 Week Session